A downloadable game

a Jump & Travel Adventure Exploration game.

"Caution: High risk of wanderlust!"

Join Squirrel and Bear on their adventurous journey through Europe.
Alone or use local co-op with your favorite travel companion!

Rascal escaped!

Work together to follow Rascal's traces.
But don't worry, while traveling, you can take your time to explore each country, learn foreign languages, eat lots of delicious local food, climb famous sights, engage in traditional festivals, collect souvenirs, capture pictures and make dozens of local animal friends along the way.

Satisfy your wanderlust from the comfort of your living room
- alone or together with your favorite travel companion!

Discover Europe's true treasure, its cultural diversity, and catch Rascal!

What are you waiting for?
Grab your luggage!

* * * * *

Developed by: https://thegoodevil.com/
Follow us on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/thegoodevilcom
Discuss with us on Discord: https://discord.thegoodevil.com
Tweet to us: https://twitter.com/thegoodevilcom 
Pretty photos on:  https://www.instagram.com/rascalsescape/
Old school with: https://www.facebook.com/thegoodevilcom

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Key Features

  • Satisfy your Wanderlust
  • Take your time to explore Europe's cultural diversity
  • Meet more than 60 friendly local animals
  • Bounce around, climb and jump with Squirrel
  • Get muddy with Bear push and stomp away leaves, dirt, and snow
  • Collect souvenirs, delicious food, and fashionable outfits
  • Receive recycled clothes collecting trash
  • Learn counting and greeting in 10 European languages
  • Enjoy cooperative play for two, together with friends and family

* * * * *


In single-player mode you can play Squirrel and Bear. 
In local co-op or split-screen mode, each player navigates one character.

Combine Squirrel with Bear for the ultimate team experience and
reach secret places with Squirrels super jump.

Squirrel can:

  • climb trees and buildings
  • jump on platforms and obstacles
  • carry small objects
  • activate levers
  • collect souvenirs
  • talk to animals
  • recycle trash

Bear can:

  • push obstacles
  • stomp to uncover hidden objects
  • carry big objects
  • flip levers
  • collect souvenirs
  • talk to animals
  • recycle trash

Follow Rascal's traces on Badgergram.
Good thing Rascal shares their journey through Europe.
Enjoying amazing food, listen to Europe's foreign languages,
collecting souvenirs, and capturing famous sights.

* * * * *

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